JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

Free Mind

This is the best time that I really like, to free my mind
For all my worries, I have the power to fly,
My imagination keeps me to go anywhere I can do anything.

I am in the top of the mountain, shouting, laugh to the sky,
Dancing to the tune of the air. I can see the beautiful world,
It is too big, I can not believe I am here and I am free.

I smell the scent of the flowers, I hear the birds singing,
I can swim in the deepest sea, could you imagine
I embrace the world and see the people walking
Here and there busy to their lives.

How do I look if I belong to the group of insects or animals?
Strange; or I think about I am a mermaid swimming in the ocean.
Wow! I like it very adventure. I can see all kinds of fish and
Their beautiful colors, pretty amazing yeah! Nice to swim.

Now I am flying, I can not control my body in the air the
Pressure is very strong; I feel the cloud hanging around me,
It is smooth. I feel that God is here, his present by spirit,
He is God who created the universe. Amazing and powerful God!

In this very moment, I know in my mind that God is watching me
All the time and I know I can oppose myself to any kind of battle in life.

I know he loves me; I keep it to my heart.I have a confident
To my life today, I believe that he holds me and
All the gifts that he given to use it for his glory.

"Thank you so much that you given me the opportunity to live, God ".

© Jocelyn Dunbar-Sumido
17 February 2000
5: 00 PM

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