I like the screenwriting
I like to see brightened...
These minds can make a silent seem like it was shrill
Being quiet... just observing
I admire your
So ambitious and determined it inspires your staff
I can see how hard you're working
Send the studio the...
Spec scripts
Everybody hoping that they wrote the next film
If they did... that commission won't reject them
Probably'd bring them in so the world
Could see the best flicks
It's the other thing to settle me down
But I made it when I claimed the faith could never be found
All I talk about is changes but I...
Mean in myself...
Because I know I'm not the greatest so I'm
Reaching for help
From Jesus... and these screenwriting
Teachers since it's new to ME
I don't think that we should place a limit on
Our view of things

by Dexsta Ray

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