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Free Of Radical Toxins
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Free Of Radical Toxins

If understandings are kept basic,
And elementary...
Most would easily comprehend,
That which is misunderstood.
Leaving those who love to complicate issues...
In a collective indecisive and incompetent,
Blatant area to dismiss.

'We are passing through the area of 'intellectuals'.
Please adorn quickly your safety masks.
There will be no other warnings! '

And there to fight amongst themselves...
As to the degree of their 'superiority',
At the taxpayer's expense.
This alone would generate billions,
To replenish a sickened economy.
As if on exhibit to attract the interested.

And the thickening air of stagnation...
Once diminished by pompous stench,
Would become salvaged and cleansed.
Producing an atmosphere free of radical toxins.
No matter from what prestigious schools,
They've been classified as degreed!
The air and quality of it...
Would again be manure free.
Or at least the smell of it would not exist.

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