MT (July / Kentucky)

Free Of This Burden

so mad at life
dont know who to turn to
this blade in my hand
or the pills in the other

im back
to that depressed stage
i just got out of
i dont wanna be here

you dont know
what to tell me
do you even care
or is it just words written on a page

to me its differnt
taken it slow
feeling this pain
forget this game

game of my heart
being played
no one cares to stop
or even help

they watch as i cry
weep and drain
everybit of life
i have left in my arms

i bleed out and he knows
that he will miss me
im making u feel the pain i do
how much does it hurt

see if you can sleep at nihgt
maybe now ill haunt your dreams
you will go without sleep
and i will be free of this burden

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Rudyard Kipling


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