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Free Of You
CG (July 27,1982 / Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

Free Of You

One morning I woke up with
a sense of clarity, of peace
The chaotic world I was living in
waiting for you, finally released me

The anxiety, the pain of wanting you
and having no answers suddenly flew away
I took a deep breath and looked
around as if I had been blind until that day

It no longer matters why, you are no
longer involved in my every thought
How wonderful it feels to be free of you
How happy I am knowing I'm no longer caught

Trapped inside of a world of insecurities
and denial. Now I see how it should be
I walk around with a smile across my face
How beautiful it is to finally be free

Like it was designated by the cosmos
I'm flying high in a positive and beautiful sky
I've learnt so much about who I am
How strong I am that I can't deny

I had been drained, giving you all
my energy without even realizing
Now I'm refreshed, as if a new wave
Has covered me with security

It feels so amazing
to finally be free of you!

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