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Free Palestine
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Free Palestine

Poem By One Tap

1948 global birth of the Palestinian debate
to creating an Israeli state
Moshe Dayan
Yitzhak Rabin
Ariel Sharon
Yigal Allon
leaders of the Zionist 1948 generation
to find a solution
to the Jewish persecution
backed up through global attention
1960’s war reflection
reaction to Hitler’s genocide intentions
giving Zionist faction’s
land through Palestinian annexation
mass settlement attraction
find another state for the Palestinians to live in
“Jordan is Palestine” was the 1948 Sharon solution.

Jewish people displaced and killed by this German evil
their upheaval
witnessed by a global people
united to prevent a sequel
Israel was based on moral grounds
giving a tortured people land to tie down
call their own without living in fear of gas domes
society filled Hitler clones
Roman Diaspora action on their homes
give a chance for the Jewish people to go on their own
come to terms with pain, loss and misery
on levels never before witnessed throughout history
these people were put through genocide
an act a global community
collectively through unity
should never again allow in our history,
especially from an Israeli country
of which was set up morally
now representing something contradictory
through lack of mercy
to a people that not so long ago lived side by side in a shared society.

Matrices of despair
creating an Israel settlement lair
bringing Palestine to utter social/economic despair
settlement cities built from so much destruction Palestinian homes are beyond repair
Sharon’s government acts without a care,
only one intention is on the agenda
Sharon’s want for a Palestinian surrender
and acceptance of Israel as a future employer
the figures can’t make it any more clear
over 200 settlements created over the years during peace agreement nightmares
over 400,00 Israeli’s moved across 1967 borders
200,00 to the west bank under orders
200,00 to east Jerusalem creating social corners
6,000 to Gaza protected by soldiers
42 percent of the west bank is under the thumb of Israel military controllers.

Sharon is a murderous leader
ordering innocent people massacre’s
in the Lebanese refugee camps Sabra and Chatila
something he still risks trial for, as a war criminal figure
a man who opposed every single stage of peace accords
coming up with contingency plans like the Field of Thorns,
disrupting any moment of calm with military storms
any time Palestine has recognized ceasefire calls
and Arafat reins in bombers and there tools
Sharon re-acts with the targeted killing of Palestinian activists
and the bombing of schools
each time provoking aggressive reaction
something he uses for global attention
so he can label an entire country a terrorist region
giving justification to an unjustifiable situation.

Since 1967 Israel has put Palestine into submission
their matrix of control
a means to control Palestinian life as a whole
lower the appearance of military patrols
so to give the impression that what Palestinians refer to as occupation
is merely proper administration
that Israel’s military repression
is self defence against pockets of aggression
car bomb assassinations
mass arrests and administrative detention
rarely followed through with a charge conviction
common features of an Israeli occupation,
whilst carving out enough space
to create a mini state
relieving Israel of Palestinian population.

Global courts of law
the U.N
The Arab States
and other countries ignored
within a so called democratic governmental floor
have all said Israeli action
is beyond comprehension
in modern day civilisation
its actions are undoubtedly criminal
its government is breaking 22 U.N resolutions like Saddam
so why don’t we pressure them under U.N supervision
as opposed to selling them the weapons
backing Sharon’s suppression
which has put 70% of Palestinians into refugee submission
The reality is
coalition governments have more to gain
following their economic aims
by ignoring Israeli shames
backing Israeli government genocide proclaims
despite the fact these Israeli led terrorists attacks on Palestinian names
leads to more western hatred and terror reins.

Camp David
and Oslo
peace agreements Israel expected Palestine to follow
agreements that offered no bright future for a Palestine tomorrow
leaving out all aspects to end the Palestine sorrow
hollow peace leaving out recognition of a viable Palestinian state
the giving up of all the occupied territories wasn’t even a topic for debate
topic of settlements and settlers was forced to wait
no discussion as to what should be their fate
refugees simply used as an excuse for Israeli hate
bombed and snipered at a genocidal rate
Arafat was used as the western excuse
for tightening the failed peace noose
but what is a leader’s reasoning
toward a take it or leave it peace offering
to which your entire people are demonstrating
the peace agreements were so unbelievably biased its embarrassing
the media reports harrowing
through their evaluating,
blaming Arafat as opposed to Barak
manipulating global facts
and depths of western Israeli pacts.

America’s official position evolution
to key question’s like settlement plantations
home destruction
and peace through land concession
up until President Carter issues referred to as illegal
disrupting peace conclusion
by Regan such issues became minor complication
for Clinton it wasn’t worthy of discussion
now Bush the second supports all aspects of Israeli action
offering $13 million a day in economic and military aid contributions
such global support for this criminal suppression
ethnic cleansing
and planned people annexation
leaves Palestinian population
absolutely no choice but to defend with aggression
there homeland of which 22% still remains to be taken.

Hospitals in Bethlehem shelled by the IDF
crucial medial equipment denied due to checkpoint arrest
curfew breaks triggering child deaths
apache gun ships shelling peaceful protests
Israeli army bulldozed fifty four homes 2002, January 10th
leaving more than 500 to sleep in tents
days later nine homes more
east Jerusalem rocked to the floor
how much more
January 14th Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade’s leader Raed Karmi
assassinated like it’s an Israeli governmental chore
daily killings and humiliations feeding a innocent peoples thirst for war
all this terrorism found within an Israel military core
terrorism is easily manipulated and egged on
especially within people occupied since 1967
like the provocative actions of Sharon
visiting Haram al-Sharif/temple
creating violent resurrection
perfect for media exploitation
creating a sympathetic mood toward Israeli Zionist factions.

Israel has been destroying in Palestine much more than the sparse terrorism stature
it has been destroying the educational
and road infrastructure
Palestinians have no choice but to resist
as the Jewish poet Yitzhak Labor insists
“I have no choice, even if everything is created by the regime, even the history of poetry, even the limits of assertion, I have no choice but to resist”
The occupied party’s resistance to the occupier is its moral right
its violent resistance to the occupation is a direct result to the violence enforced onto an occupied life
It is time to end the occupations
and suppressions forced onto so many within the Middle East
and bring back justice, security, prosperity and peace.

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Lot of work and analysis here. I encourage you in your moral position. good work
Palestine is the Jewish nation, for anyone who knows Roman history Give Palestine back to the Jews Islam has 52 countries when will the word say that the terrorist NPD Mohamed is a delusional psychopath who actually thinks that Jesus is a Muslim Mohammad is a monster so don; t piss for hours until we analyze the schizophrenia of Islam's Muslim Jesus Mohammad = Hitler
One Tap, Long time no see my Brother. Nice write. U.S. backed Israel occupation is lethal to the Palestinians. Israel is armed with the latest weaponry including nukes. They are poised to assist the invasion of Iran by the U.S. The Middle East is the setting for WW III and perhaps Armageddon. Peace, Ray