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Free Round Trip Tickets
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Free Round Trip Tickets

Those in search and seeking explanations,
For hints or clues as to what is going on today.
Are in need of one thing...
Free round trip tickets,
To their favorite amusement park.
With accomodations for two.
And one is required to be a licensed,

'Why are you so sarcastic about this? '

I once had visions.
That came as I slept or kept awake.
They would not go away.
Something inside me said,
'You have the gift of a psychiatrist.
You need to get inside people's heads.
That's where your fortunes lay.'

But I chose to get on people's nerves,
And I could have made a fortune doing 'both'.
Who knew it?
I blew it!

Always listen to those inner voices.
That is the best advice today I can give.
Do not make public your arguments.
Being hauled away and locked up,
Could happen.
And this is what one confined will dread.

One is at that amusement park,
And accompanied by someone...
Loving the multiple conversations conducted,
In and out of one's bed.
And affording every bit of the expense of it.

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