Free Soul

In my poems I aim to bring an
awareness of God's precious gifts.
And stretch the corners of ones mind to drift.
In woods and meadows to hear, see
and feel the power of God's love in each
flower head and in the birds sweet song.
This is where my heart belongs.
I feel reborn, refreshed and strengthened
by God's sun light.
My heart is ecstatically happy and free like a kite.
To soar high, high and explore the vastness of the sky
Across oceans and deserts I would glide.
And the stars would be my guide.
Birds perhaps would eye me with suspicion.
Until I gave them an acrobatic exhibition
As I dive, swirl and twirl I'm sure to
Arouse the wild animals curiosity
But of course I'm no threat to their safety.
For after all I am only a free soul soaring to a great height.
I'm no savory meal to whetten their appetite
I'd view Gods creation from above.
Just as He does with understanding and love.

by Elizabeth M. Crellin

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