Free Soul

A free soul, I'm
O'er unknown sea and lands I fly.
Bathing in golden waves of love, I feel;
The tenderness, that lovers can only dream.
A free soul I'm. On wings of joy I shall soar,
An (d) hear frantic with joy;
Your infinitely sweet tune,
An (d) whispering echoes.
I cheer my heart with your name,
Until, the dawn breaks the day.
Ah!!! Such flashes of brave loveliness,
Without harness,
I feel! In very heart of my heart.
My heart beats as warmly tonight,
As in days that are gone.
By! My love, now I can recall,
I have been here many times;
Living in those clay figurines,
From prime to demise.
Never learned from my own and other's fault
An (d) when my time came, I promised,
At rebirth, and future life I'd do it right;
But alas! I'm forgetting my promises on and on.
Now at this glory times;
I promise to forget all those woes;
An (d) live the life one day at a time.

by Nicholai Nakissa

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Great poem! I have one with same title!