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Free Speech
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Free Speech

Free speech?
You neither have that...
Inside or near,
The boundaries...
Where you believe,
What you say and do is okay.
Especially if it effects,
The placement of my footsteps.

When your free speech,
Begins to tamper with my peace?
You may be free to protest about it...
For as long as you like.
But not in my backyard.
From here you can take a hike.

Since not a penny of tax,
Have you paid...
To cross my path or threshold,
To express your opinions...
About how it is I live my life.
With your aggressive impressions.

Is that understood?
I hope so.
You have no freedom here to do as you please.
I am not from that generation!
Unless you want to experience my freedom,
To give you a taste of my interpretation.
And when I feel threatened,
That's the only freedom here that exists.

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