************ Free Spirit**********1979

i was laying beneath a big pine tree
the birds were whistling cheerfully.
the cool gentle breeze blowing thru my hair
and i knew right there, i had not one care.

i saw a squirrel stop and look
it did'nt look like any you'd see in a book.
he was completly black and his eyes were red
that's when i realized that i was dead.
i had no form, no shape, no sound
i was above myself looking down.

by louis rams

Comments (13)

This poem took me by surprise, I wasn't expecting that but it showed the astral travel, outside of the body and moving on and I find that quite delightful Louis.....
A very deep and moving write. Made me sit up and pay attention. A black squirrel with red eyes. Spiritually enlightening.
I liked the part about the strange squirrel and seeing your body on the ground. Nature distorted and out of body experience, transcending.
Loved your poem. Caught my attention.
'I had no form, no shape, no sound' Rachel Ann Butler
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