Free Style Poem

The mortals do not understand
The pain I feel every day
They think that they are hurting me
But so much pain wears away,

Tormenting my soul like this does nothing to me
But create me into a meaningless shadow
That stalks the sun on cloudy days
And makes my feeling less tears fall in a meadow,

The meadow is gray and is tall with grass
And are collecting tears that have fallen
So many tears fill this river that runs through,
The meadow and depressed and death

They have no lives to live at all,
They do nothing but get insults thrown at them
This life is meaningless to live
And they wait until the day they fall

That day will be so happy for them
They’d rather fall in to hell
And be released from this place
And choke and die and sink

by Vonnie Enochs

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