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Free Ticket
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Free Ticket

No one gets a free ticket.
Guaranteeing them a life to live,
Will be without challenges, obstacles.
And a smooth road to travel.
Clear of bumps, lumps dumped or risks to dismiss.

"Put on that helmet.
Fasten your seatbelt.
There is turbulence ahead."

Life to live it from birth,
Is to know some dirt and mud to crawl through.
Discovering some days the taste,
Can be bittersweet.
Leaving other days to take weeks,
To notice a cloudy sky is actually blue.
With a kite to fly.
Not to rise as high.

And only then will it dawn on one to begin,
Even truth to accept it as is...
Can become more painful to experience,
Than life lived to keep deluded.
Attempting to avoid or ignore,
What one has to do...
For a happiness to achieve.
With a price to pay.
Until one's peace of mind is received one day.
And no one to say,
This is reality to live.
To discover this.
With some suffering through to find out,
The air is free to breathe!
And that's it.
Anything else to delude is not included.

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