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Free Tickets
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Free Tickets

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

One never knows when history has been made.
Until it is discovered,
There has been an intention to prevent it.
And a truth manipulated has been replaced,
With attempts to erase it completely.

People making false claims,
Have been found to conceal...
Who first opened the doors to them,
Before they entered and began to steal.
And these same people peach to have it believed,
They created organizations and foundations successfully.

With a giving away of free tickets to sit in seats,
They want it shown to be known...
How the doing expresses an unquestioned generousity.
They want it known in urban places,
Where corporate funding they get...
What they do for the people who from them benefit.

Yet the people in these places who should be upset,
Are unconscious they've been used...
By those who have lied to fill their own pockets,
To achieve acclaim and fame to not name...
The ones to be forgotten who had started it all,
But nowhere are they mentioned within celebrated walls.

'Isn't it wonderful what they are doing for 'us'? '

~Trust me.
More for you they could do,
If you knew who they screwed over...
To leave you sitting shoulder to shoulder,
In belief a getting your free tickets to sit...
Comes from their heart to provide you the experience.~

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