Free To Be

I remember thinking,
What is this feeling inside of me,
I talked it out
With a friend or two,
But what it was,
We had no clue.
I was quieter than usual,
Though not as bad as before
We wondered what it was,
That was hiding behind the door.
I didn't realize
It was because my friend needed me,
To help him take off his disguise.
God used me
like never before
And help like this
Had never before knocked at his door.
But what kind of friend could I call myself
If I left him in the dark,
Never told him how much I cared,
Only left a mark.
It was my pleasure to help him out
And I now realize what this was all about.
Because I had struggled with the same stuff,
Depression, hiding, locking myself away,
Doing anything I could, just to appear tough.
I knew these feelings, and what to do,
I knew how to help,
So what else could I do?
It wasn't all that easy
Probably easier said than done,
But we got through it
No more feeling dumb.
Sure, tears were shed,
But thats okay,
Thats part of the help.
Really, its okay.
Now things are better,
No more blood red.
No more disguises,
We can finally be ourselves.
We said our good byes, to this evil thing,
And now we no longer have to hide,
We are free

by beautiful imperfection

Comments (5)

To shine a light at the end of a dark tunnel is the only way a true friend can act...a very thoughtful poem Free to be, regards
very lovely, nice write. Thats what a true friend is helping one another in troubled times.
I'm glad that you were able to help your friend, and were there when they needed you. thanks for sharing your story. I love your name by the way'beautiful imperfection' it's nice, i wish i had thought of it first. :)
Beautiful. Another great story. You are a true, great friend. -Kylie M. Lynch
Very nice, great write.