Free To Be Filthy

No regard or sign of respect.
Raised on material values...
And ideals they neglect.
Just for a dollar,
They have turned the world into a mess.
Free to be filthy.
And a scum achieved...
Has been their best effort yet!

Mongers of hate...
With absence of thought!
Taught by a society,
Seeped in delusions brought!
And yet they believe their lifestyles appeal!
As they trash humanity,
With an allowed zest and zeal!

Creeps and leechers...
Seeking attention they get!
Representing sleaze,
As a determined conquest!
And those who wished...
At a time,
To correct all of this...
Watch as bystanders,
Stepping over to avoid
All the crap that exists.
Others seem consciously accepting,
And so quick to digest...
Disgusting appearances,
With a filth nourished without protest!

And this diseased way of life...
Spreads like an uncurable cancer.
No opponent in battle is winning this fight!
Mindsets have been condoned,
To avoid any insight!
Fed on destruction.
To eliminate the good,
From lives no one wants to live as it should.
And 'threatened' by all,
That living right might ignite...
In goodwill, peace and brotherhood,
Feeding on this appetite.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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wow! Certainly powerful words.