Free To Be

Let go of your dreams and you're lost
Take charge it may seem, you're the boss
Don't live in sorrow, there's no room for pain
A person is blind when he's up in his brain.
It comes from the heart, not the soul, not the mind.
It's there from the start, it's been there all the time.
Free to lose, free to gain, free to still remain the same.
Free to run, free to be, free to live my life as me.
To give up hope is to give up fighting
To keep on trying is a bolt of lightning
Take a deep breath and search for a clue
What you see, is what's really true.
Go ahead and look inside
What's in there is what you hide
The power withheld is just to decide
Who you are and why you try
Free to capture the spirit inside
Free to run with the wild
Free to live with faith or without
That's what living is all about.

by Lee Paris

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