Free To Breathe

Free to breathe.
Slow in comfort.
And done with ease.
Is such a peaceful opportunity.
And one who takes,
Advantage of it...
Doesn't wish from it to leave.

Sitting and away,
From traffic lights...
To hush a rush and welcome,
Is a gift to know it found.
Undisturbed is that sound.
Deep and free to breathe.
From the hustle of being...
Hasseled strapped and shackled,
To a fast paced way of life.
One is free to breathe.
Slowly and with an ease.
Away and what is suppose to be,
So many caught up in it,
But reluctantly regret,
Its association to madness.
Sadness and unhappiness.
With no time to find free.

One who takes advantage of it,

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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