Free To Fly

The chains have been
broken, for years bound to
pain, no more to be his
token. To freedom my heart
can now fly, into your
arms, far away from grief,
far from harm.

No more angry words to be
thrown in my face, no more
sorrows to take place. The
blood stains from this heart
is now washed away,
no more darkened days.

New wings I do adorn, I have
spread them wide, flying away
from your scorn. Released by
a long awaited love, now to
freedom I am bound.

The fear fading from my heart,
as I spread my wings, a new
life to start. The chains I
leave behind, along with this
hatred filled, tortured mind.

Love has come to me, removed
me from your torment. His
wings shall carry me, he will
fly me away, protect
me and set me free.

I demand you release your
hold on me, for enough of
this pain I have seen.
Love me, he does, protect me,
he will.... never again under
your spell.

by Ruth warren

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