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Free Us
(August 8,1951 / Hillsboro, Oregon USA)

Free Us

Poem By Harlan Simantel

free us from heartache, pain
free us from selfish gain
free us from ourselves
when we are the problem
free us from religion
the harm its done
free us to fully live
naturally as bees in a hive
free the world from war
return creator, king and open door
free the prisoners in cages
lab animals
zoo creatures
mentally ill
at once or in gentle stages
free cold, untrusting hearts
by jesus within
unbelief he said was sin
free races from prejudice
see you in each of us
and just play nice
free the planet
from getting too warm
deliver creation from environmental harm
free us to feed the hungry
shelter and clothe the poor
free us to be a practical door
help us remember
what we're here for
free the third world
teach them to profit
free from exploitation
money greed in first world pockets
free women and girls
from rape and domination
see themselves your unique creation
free families from hate and conflict
pray internally, that's the trick
free us if it costs me my life
better be free
than dead while alive
free us from whatever else is wrong
we thank you, father, with a heartfelt song

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Comments (10)

free us from ourselves... see you in each of us free us from whatever else is wrong we thank you, father, with a heartfelt song.... Great poem.... earnest prayer. Thanks a lot.
This is wonderful poetry.There is sincerity and honesty in your prayer to make the world a beautiful place by freeing it from all evil forces. May this prayer comes true. Congrats.
A very heart felt prayer. Thank you for sharing.
We need freedom in life and recovery at right time. Life is full of pain, agony and sorrow. We do not need these any more. We need life with love and peace and caring. God can give us everything while we connect him. Great piece of work and this is thoughtful as well as thought provoking....10....Congratulations for poem of the day!
The poem is a heartfelt prayer before God to free us from all things evil, a prayer to cleanse our inner world and outer world.Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.Congratulations for Poem of the Day.