Free Verse To The One I Love

So long I’ve been here on theses pleasant leas

Travelling incognito as though a misogynist

Taking no pleasure in the popular talk among the blokes

As Thomas, although never my pseudonym even by idiosyncrasies

Never a fanatic with little or no eulogy believing in epistemology

To the phenomenon several thought martyrdom a price

Wouldn’t be ruled out being the apex of the proofs it exists

Nevertheless, in my large corpus of nature not a hapax legomenon

As it is now a charade except in the days of Romeo

When the scholars cohabited with all sense of camaraderie

Even to the kings, it was scintillating to get involved

Love was never lust, lust was never love except now cursorily defined

Easy they were to juxtapose without xenoglossy in synagogues

But with the metamorphosis of the streetwise gadgets

Although, all teasers no more a million dollar prize to fix

With a simple click on the qwerty keys with ease

A task too herculean for the cerebral hemispheres

With parallel tasking a bed of roses for the Babbage invention

Although, not a soul expect to have the cake back after digestion

Cultures and demeanours appalling as the dispensation improves

A needed but culture-degrading development yet inevitable

The game, a pretext to achieve other precepts in contexts

But if the records were salient in archaeology

We could bring it back to focus assuming the records were straight

Setting the virgin balls on the fair-complexioned mild lass

Deep down the coccyx of my heart, misogamy and misogyny

Blacklisted, rueing the lonely days without her

Singing panegyrics as though for an archangel she is

In soliloquy, dead in trance transcending as if it was the days of Romeo

Which modus operandi best applies to betray the untameable feelings

Which ever way, like me, even to the apparitions a conspicuous emotion

Gallantly game to pursue with all tenacity until we get to the altar

Even till the doomsdays, a million mouth not enough to express the glory

Even till the conversion of the Jews, the splendour forever mint

Till the second call divine, the feelings forever green never ebb

Seeking solace only in her beauty shunning a casanovic life

Of course, all to keep a fella focused the great one has lavishly endowed

The impeccable complexion whenever I gaze makes me less forlorn

The height, a quantum commiseration for the lost days

The white undulating eyeballs a decade to behold except doze deprives

Taking a less flimsy glimpses without a blinking clinking

Such a scintillating beauty, too formidable, to the worms it’s honourable

For the mother earth to swallow when breath is lost in the fallow

Take my hand damsel; let us in one voice walk straight to the altar

Building castles for our offspring even in Spain a possibility

For with love, our love, no mountain is insurmountable

by Israel Dammy Ipaye

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