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SA (19 Mar 1979 / KGF, India)


Poem By Seema Aarella

In search of new paradise I go
A land where fresh dreams grow
A step on ground, a step in the air
Transforming my gait, walking in flair

Chains of emotions that held so long
Turned into anklets and chimed along
I walked, I ran, and I sometimes flew
Shed my worries, looked beyond the blue

Evolving tears, I gathered every speck
Those glowing pearls adored my neck,
Liberation…elevation! , then a halo spread
I passed and flowers turned their head

Those papers that say I am me
That of birth, death and degree
Of jobs, and accounts of earned booty
In papers, in words why transfix my destiny?

I took them all my bundle of worry
To a sparkling stream in hurry
Like a kid who would blissfully play
I made paper boats...let them drift away!

Strolled on the bank picking up pebbles
Dropped in the pond and gazed at bubbles
Hazy harsh winds wiped off my sweat
Brushed past the dewy buds and got wet

As I strode I tossed away
Hampering evils on tracks of clay
If Into sprouts of new dreams they turn
Thinking to pick them on my return! ! !

Darkness fell, sky seemed a crossword grid
Filled desirable words, lent the tensions invalid
After a long sprint… to the edge of earth
I lay peacefully…like I lay before my birth!

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Comments (3)

seema this is sooo beautiful
tremendous....an extremely beauriful write ma'am this poem is one of those poems which i read multiple times and everytime it felt like lets read it one more tme...this poem is so smooth like shereen a water that flows smoothly..specialy i luvd these 2 lines most...thanks 10x100 After a long sprint… to the edge of earth I lay peacefully…like I lay before my birth! ..bravo, bravo, bravo
great write...rhymes and nice to read...superb poem... Ency Bearis