Freed To See Others Not As Equals

There are times I'd like to confess,
My wish to address those professed...
To be selected 'blessed and highly favored' folks.
The ones who set themselves aside,
As having more knowledge to know...
How to live their lives as The Almighty has decided.
As an excuse to live their lives,
Isolated and divided.

Everyone living is a work-in-progress.
No one lives perfectly in a world beset with temptations.
Struggling to survive these days is an everyday test.
And to claim to be favored from the rest who are tested,
Is the height of a self centeredness...
One believes is freed to see others not as equals.
But as those who 'sin' doing things they pretend,
Separates them with an advantage to pass their judgements.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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