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If destiny is manifest
and fate is set in stone
then nothing that you'll ever do
is down to you alone

You can't be blamed for following
the paths down which you're led
when choices that aren't really yours
are scything through your head

It's not your job to sympathise
with every victim's plight
perception is subjective
there is no wrong or right

If your mind is built to fit
a predetermined state
it's not your fault you're overwhelmed
by other people's hate

But instead of being constrictive
destiny makes sense
Unfettered by choice, the conscience flies
free from consequence.

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Comments (3)

James- your writing gives me so much enjoyment, thanks for sharing. -shannon
What a lovely use of words, and what a dictionary mind. Terrific. Sincerely Ernestine Northover
Your rhymes are flawless and interesting, , but this is rather 'preachy.' (Just a bias I have.) I find your premise interesting in that I believe most of what happens to us as adults is through choice (poor or good) . Raynette