SL (july 24,1991 / mom's living room)


There is nothing like the night air.
the darkness on your skin making you look a ghastly white,
the sharp scent of adventrure in your lungs letting you remember
and the freedom!
the freedom to feel like your flying when really youre only in love

No one should take that away
No one should take away the thing; the person you love
Why did you take him, and break him, and make him feel like he was wrong for loving me back?

I want his scent to fill my lungs
i want his fingers to be clinging to my body
but i cant have these things b.c u, The Devil, took him from me, you took my freedom, b.c u thought it was 'best' for me.
When really it wasnt, your desisions have pushed me to the edge but
im not going to jump
im not going to give into the devil
B.c i kno if i do i will never be able to be with him again...

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