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Poem By Jordan Kilson

We are all God’s children we have our right to be free,
Not held by any white men in slavery.
People treating us different just because of our color,
This is crazy we should just get along with each other.
I read about days in slavery,
Thank God for all the PEOPLE who stood up with bravery.
Thanks to the people who helped with what we have done
From the Malcolm X’s, MLK’s, and Booker T. Washington’s.
Thanks Rosa Parks, Fredrick Douglass, and Education,
And to everyone else who helped defeat segregation.
From all the slave songs and the underground trails,
To bus boycotts and taking MLK to jail.
From the Black Panthers and some helpful Caucasians,
To the Civil Rights and the Emancipation Proclamation.
We should know where we’re going but don’t forget where we came from,
Because these are the people who fought for our freedom.

If people had interrelationships and were caught
The penalties were either hung, tortured, or shot
This ain’t right for Blacks or even Caucasians
Not Persians, not Mexicans, nor any Asians
Thank you for everything I really appreciate it
I owe u my life because u were the ones who made it
Yeah all of them and god working together
To make every bit of our lives so much better
We don’t need the flashy stuff to make us look cooler
We have already been set up for a bright future
So now its time to take advantage and learn
That everything in life that counts is EARNED
Every one of those people I can call my heroes
And as they are remembered…the fight still goes

F is for those people that FOUGHT for us
R is for the RIGHTS that were won the bus
E is for the EQUALITY that we now have
E is for EVERYONE who helped in the past
D is for the DETERMINATION of all of you
O is for the OBSTACLES they went through
M is for MANKIND which is now is now free
This spells the freedom fought for you and me
God made this world for everyone and I think we should share this world with Peace, Love, and FREEDOM

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