I have a feeling, a feeling of joy
I've grown into a man, no longer a boy

My life has really changed
Better in some, worse in others
It's my life now, no one else's

No excuses, no pretense, just a huge need for resilience
now the man is here, free of judgements
Free of baggage, free of what holds me back, just totally free

From boy to man we go
Leaving footprints everywhere
With an ever-pressing glow, let's not slow
Now it's my show

A feeling deep down that I will wear that crown
Honest and true, no longer blue

When you've found you, really found you
There is no better experience, it's just so totally brilliant

Comfort in your own skin, just makes me grin
For it's true, that feeling of growing from a boy to a man

It's called Freedom!

by Craig Piercy

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