Poem By Piccola Topo Gigio

The bird paces its cage impatiently,
Waiting for its keeper to come.
It waits patiently,
Each day,
Until it hears the footsteps heeding on.
Until it sees the hand approaching the cage,
Opening its gate,
Reaching out for it.

The bird jumps on its keeper's hand,
Its feet trampling with zing,
From one, to the other end.
Stretching its wing,
Opens them wide,
Simulating flight.
Allowed to feel the wind underneath,
Its feathers exult, playing with gravity.

Yet soon after,
The bird is taken back to its cage.
Its wings shrinking back into place,
Its impatient pacing,
No longer making haste.
Its eyes no longer radiating,
As it lowers its crest,
Staring silently at the cage's egress.

Tomorrow, will be another day.
Tomorrow, it will be free again.
If even for just, another short reign.

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