When will this thirst for freedom slake?
When will our love of slavery die?
When will our Mother's fetters break?
When will our tribulations cease?

by Subramanya Bharathi Click to read full poem

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Very strongly expressed. I just wonder who Bharat and the Aryan are in fact. We all want freedom: no one wants to be a slave. You are so right in your rhetorical questions.
An exquisitely powerful poem!
My Namaskaram To a great freedom fighter, humanitarian and poet. It’s a pleasure to know more about this great spiritual being. Thank you PoemHunter for bringing his poetry out.
When will this thirst for freedom slake? When will our love of slavery die? ../// great asking
Great invocation for Freedom of Nation indeed!
A plea for liberation and freedom. Beautiful.
It is a very powerful poem
My humble obeisance to these great poet warriors. It is because of their sacrifices that we relish the fruit of freedom.
A powerful write on freedom and against slavery Every stanza stands out. Liked the closure line. Beautifully crafted and well executed.
The original poem 'Freedomby Subramanya Bharathi and translated by S.Prema is really a beautiful poem regarding Bharat.
آزادی کے لیے برصغیر کے باشندوں نے بے شمار قربانیاں دی
'Chase Fear away'! ! Thanks for sharing.
beautifully written and beautiful translation- Brave warrior! Aryan Lord! Thou destroyer of the demon-race, Where is your dharma? Isn't yours the duty To revive us, and chase Fear away?
Inspiring freedom movement poem by Bharathi, the Shelleyianist of India!
A forceful patriotic call for freedom of our nation. Hats off to the boldness and clarity of thoughts.
What a brave poem