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DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)


Poem By David Zvekic

No hope nor dream did yield its fruit while others reigned above it;
Whose masters deemed to crush the will of those who dared not love it.
The farce that we would call 'free will' - the will to do as told:
No choice to live this - my own life - in unchained hands to hold.

Though no one born of woman did bring more into this life,
Nor brought with him a greater thing than any human life;
And none did give two lives or three, or naught of greater worth.
For none another Sun did shine; no other Moon nor Earth.

To live in freedom is to be an equal with each other.
No man nor woman's soul did shine in shadows of another.
For each was wrought from the same thing, and at birth nothing owed:
So how then may a rich man's son reap more than he had sowed?

To all who deign to kneel to those above their rank in life,
For their 'protection', 'arms' and 'rules' to raise them over strife,
No fool was such a fool as he, though he be crazed and wild,
To sell away his sovereignty, and live his life a child.

So cast your lot with those of us who face the darkness for it,
We bear the pain to free the world as those with power hoard it,
For there awaits, for those who dare to cross the line with me,
That deep abyss between what is and that which ought to be.

- July 13 2005

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Well-spoken, and I am strongly in agreement with your sentiments. -chuck
Masterfully crafted piece, I must say