We were millions strong?
Today, we ask,
What on earth went wrong?
When or why did we stray,
So very far,
That we somehow lost our way;
Were we not once able,
To conquer every obstacle,
Placed before our paths,
By those who would deny us,
Our right to claim our past.

We did not simply, rise,
One day,
With our eyes, wide shut,
Blinded by the glare of the sun,
That we were numbed by those,
Who would lay claim,
To our pride,
Our glory
Our riches,
Our lives,
Our very history;
Did we fall into the abyss?
With folded arms,
and wondered,
Were we born, for service?

Have we been visited,
By aliens in sheep's clothing,
Cunning, that they did not care
a fart,
For our animals,
For our children,
For our women,
For our loves,
For our ancestors,
For our nature,
For our very gods;
The moon, the stars, the sun,
There were no days
for the weak,
No voice,
for the dumb, dare not speak,
Worse, dare not seek.

When will we turn the corner,
Discover how near the horizon lies,
Masked by showers of hope,
Will it rain on our bodies,
Saturate our minds,
With visions of the new future,
Awake us from slumberland,
Revisit our motherland,
Find the ways to regain the pride,
Take the fight to another's backsides,
Shout loud in the ears,
Look straight in the eyes,
Regain the lonely years,
Throw off our fears,
Once again,
We are born to live with the sun.
Thus, we'll shine on,
Until the battle is won.

October 31 2014(c)

by stephen ifill

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