If I were a idea,
I know I would be freedom.
I don’t like being told what to do,
I can’t stand being underestimated.

I love feeling like I can do anything,
Catch a rainbow or a cloud.
I don’t like people telling me,
That I’m wrong when I am right.

I like to do my own thing,
I’m an independent person.
I hate it when I fail,
So I always try again.

I’m not afraid to take a chance,
Or get up after I fall.
I don’t like being told, “Don’t do it! ”
Cause I’ll do it anyway.

I like to be free, to feel like I can fly.
Or turn invisible, and appear again.
I always try to follow my heart,
Cause it takes me to exciting places.

Freedom is such a loaded word,
It can mean so many things.
And even if you think all day,
You’ll never find the end.

Aubrey McClure

by Aubrey McClure

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