Death Is Nothing At All

Death is nothing at all.
I've only slipped through the door.
I'm still your duaghter.
As you are my mother.
Call Me by my old familla name.
Please dont cry.
Let my passing not be the end.
Life had driven me around the bend.

It was with that, that I did the deadly deed.
For my pain I could no longer feed.

by Amy Louise Kerswell

Comments (6)

This is an excellent poem! Deep with layers of meaning upon meaning. A ten!
A deep poem and an old piece. I will give 10.
Very lovely, we all want freedom, its the icing on the cake
It would be too kind to say that this is a mediocre poem. Bierce was a great teller of short stories but his poetry leaves much to be desired. And what is the meaning of the name Blary O'Gary at the bottom? Can anyone tell me that?
Freedom that enjoys the world over and pertaining to freedom this poem so important.
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