'Now And Back To Moment I First Laid Eyes On You'

Soon as I open my eyes
She is on my mind
Thinking about her
Makes me lose track of time
I know we have a bond
She has to feel it
I thought it was protected
How did she steal it
Im talking about my heart
which now she is apart
I hope she plays her part
As for me I was hers from the start
Just by looking in her eyes
I saw the prize
An thats where I had to look
To keep from lusting over her thighs
In her face is where I smiled
But this girl had me shook
An my heart was beating wild
Which is crazy because
To me she is short
Like time with previous
In my life
turning my heart to ice
But here she comes
Thawing my heart in the first night
Thinking to my self its only the first night!
But now, that I laid eyes on her
Without her, I can't go another night! .......

by Jaycee Wilkerson

Comments (6)

This is an excellent poem! Deep with layers of meaning upon meaning. A ten!
A deep poem and an old piece. I will give 10.
Very lovely, we all want freedom, its the icing on the cake
It would be too kind to say that this is a mediocre poem. Bierce was a great teller of short stories but his poetry leaves much to be desired. And what is the meaning of the name Blary O'Gary at the bottom? Can anyone tell me that?
Freedom that enjoys the world over and pertaining to freedom this poem so important.
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