When does one become many?
When love seeks to own,
and actions take on a purpose.

When does one become one?
It never does, one was never many.
When does the unlimited become finite?
It never does but we dream it.

It isn’t the universe that we dream
but all that is in it.
When will we be truly free?
When we find the prison key
and decide to use it.

by David Taylor

Comments (4)

one is always many...the whole effort is to become 'one'...non-dual.
.one more thought provoking poem from you..thanks for sharing..
David, like Dee the last bit of this poem did it for me. We are never really free unless we want to be. We have to tell ourselves over and over until we believe it. Great writing, enjoyed it as usual. David
I think it's actually the very last part of the poem that hits the nail on the head...'when we decide to'...we cannot be truly free, until we give ourselves permission. Hugs, Dee