Freedom And Knowledge!

Those who are opting for war enjoy too much freedom
And that is why they don't bother about loss of life.....!
Only by great sufferings one gets to know value of life
And likes to live in peace rather than indulging in fights!

For living a fulfilled life one requires freedom and choice;
Knowledge and vision guide such ones to live with some
Purpose and strive hard to achieve ambition to be happy
By attaining success in the venture one indulges in freedom!

Those who are living such a life are really active ever with
Full of interest and enthusiasm to fulfil their cherished dream
That never diminishes brightness of mind and zeal of heart
Revealing to others the real value of freedom one enjoys in life!

Freedom utilized so based on knowledge and ambition is fine
Making great achievements as wonders of the world for all to
Appreciate while inspiration got out of such achievements kindles
All to aspire high rather than indulge in hatred ever in the world!

by Ramesh T A

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