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Freedom At My Feet
CG (July 27,1982 / Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

Freedom At My Feet

One summer day I decided that I would
take a walk in the beauty of nature
As I moved my feet I looked down
and saw the leaves as they stirred
around my ankles and I looked up
to find the reflection of a double rainbow
floating in the pond as if to lead me on
This will be the walk that renews my soul

It was like a hundred tiny miracles
unfolding in front of my new found eyes
A flock of birds flew above my head
a deer crossed my path and she was sublime
So close to the truth in such a simple way
I can't believe how I ignored it for so long
with the smile that I wore, completely unaware,
I was glad to see the pathway kept on

So I picked an apple off the tree and took a bite
was so amazed that my mind was at rest
I glanced at a dragonfly humming so magestically
with colours, so vibrant, simple, yet complex
then I inhaled the fresh air so deep
It surrounded me like a cloud
I reached a curve leading to a field
where there were grazing horses and cows

I saw the golden corn so perfectly aligned
A swan in the water turned my head
How can I go back to those old four walls?
I've found a world of beauty I can't forget
Wish I could stay on this trail forever
But now that I've discovered it's beauty
I know I will return any time I need
a reminder that there's freedom at my feet

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