Freedom Cries

"A magnificent crown of corn flower-blue."
"Holds beneath it in its realm. Our priceless Freedom"
"Now, condemned with vicious rue!"
"Once proudly fought for some lives maimed and countless taken!"
"All for our grand old flag; (Old Glory) now shame fully forsaken!"
"The spirit of our great nation."
"Soars gracefully overhead so free and proud."
"Crying down tears of aggravation!"
"Trumpeting a warning that our elected leaders talk in riddles about old Glory with a (can't read the next word)
"Their are those of us who loyally love our nations symbol our grand old flag Old Glory."
"As she waves with honor, dignity, and pride proclaiming our countries pre-eminent story!"
"Those of us who want to preserve our Fatherlands Heritage!"
"Must," "all stand side by side together and assert our prestige!"
"Against the transgressor who would allow the demise! of our nations might!"
"We must stand tall", "proud together and protect our constitutional rights!"
"I fare want to keep our freedom as it was intended;
"By our forefathers as it was amended!"
"For United we are strong and conquer, Divided we are weak and fall!"
"Lets march forth to freedom drummer, save our flag and need the call."
"Given by the courageous spirit of our nation the great bald eagle!"
"Lets show our loyal love of God and country and preserve our nations heritage so right"

by Carla Jean Laglia Esely

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