Freedom For Equality

We are told its not right
That its our decision the way we live our life
But now its time to stand up and fight
To let everyone know
That being gay is alright
Cuz we can't help who we love
Or help the feelings that came from above
So theres no more crying
No more hiding
Its time to rise above
And show the whole world we're not giving up
We'll fight till the end
Tell we have the same freedom as our fellow man
Cuz the more you hold us back
The harder we fight back
No more 'don't ask, don't tell'
Its time to take that law
And sent it strait to hell
Cuz this is our time
To stand up for everyone
Who has ever had doubt
And show them its ok to come out
And if people try to silence you
Its fuel to the fire for you
Cuz we're an army of one
brought together by the same bond
Fighting for the freedom of Equality
And we won't stop till the world sees
That we are ment to be
So you can love us
Or you can hate us
But when its all said and done
Gay is in us
And no one can take that away from us
So you can ban us
And you can curse us
You can write your signs
And you can speak your minds
But we won't stand down
Tell our voices are found
And the laws are changed
for us all to live the same way
Cuz we all bleed the same
And we all hurt the same
We all take a stand for what we believe in
And this is my stand
For gay rights Freedom
So now its time for us all to stand together and Fight
So no more innocent souls are taken by fright.

by Amanda Brown

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