Freedom Is A Spiritual Reality.

Freedom is a spiritual reality.
It's roots are not in man but in God.
Man is created in the image of God.
He participates in the freedom of God.

His struggle for freedom means
a struggle to renounce a false
illusory autonomy, to be free
beyond and above himself.

Before any external freedom
he finds the freedom within himself.

A contemplative who restores
the image of God, in his own soul
istruly a free human being.

He alone could walk with God.

(Go into the darkness, then
I read this and thought, "but you're alone either way! " MYBIBLE: COM)

by Dr. Antony Theodore

Comments (2)

Find the freedom within himself is the essence of the this poem.. Great
Lovely poem. One who feels free within feels freedom outside. Greetings and good day to you.