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Freedom Is Never Free
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

Freedom Is Never Free

They tell me
'Freedom is never free.'
I know that-
More than most realize.
Freedom cost us more
Than we should have to give.
Freedom cost us blood.
It cost us the lives
Of our fathers,
Our sons,
Our brothers.
But while freedom is never free,
It has been bought at great price,
And so is a thing of great value.
We must defend it,
From those who would take it away.
The defense of our freedoms
Will cost us-
More than we wish to pay.
But we must pay, to defend,
For if we try to make freedom free,
We forget-
True freedom is never free.

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Comments (13)

Is this freedom? It doesn't seem like freedom is all that great, honestly. We aren't free to do whatever we want. We aren't even free to do whatever we want with our bodies. Not saying that's always a bad thing. We don't have other countries making rules for our government, so in that way I suppose we are free. In the U.S. we have massive corporations behind closed doors making the rules for us. So I fail to see what's so great about 'freedom'.
heart touching, inspirational
This is one of the best and most touching poems I have ever read. On one of the most important, if not the most important of gifts for a happy, balanced human life. Most Americans don/t realize Freedom's wealth and importance because they have never lost it or never had it taken away, as most people in the World have. Thank you for this truthful, impeccable, beautiful and righteous Poem.
How true Freedom comes with a cost...
NYC piece of art. Thank you for sharing tha, check mine entitled Motherland it might be of interest
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