Freedom Laurena Pamela Willetts

I sit in my cell alone and lonely
With only my thoughts to keep me sane
The world passes by ever so slowly
as I glance outside through my window pane

Life goes on no one seems to care
They call it justice but it feel its unfair
They say I have to pay for my crime
don’t they know I paid overtime

A lifelong burden hanging over me
not knowing when catch up time would be
That awful day when I stood in the dock
Worsened only when I heard the door lock

How would I get through this I cried
I looked through the window and stared outside
Against a sky so vividly blue
a magnificent gull came into view

With wings outstretched he soared on high
Then tucking his wings went into a dive
He swooped past my window as if to say
don’t you worry I will be here every day

I will be your freedom whilst you are in a cage
I will remind you what awaits you in that golden age
When you will be rewarded with good luck charms
Where your soul mate will await you with open arms

by Laurena Pamela Willetts

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