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I Hope You'Re Happy (Part Deux)

I hope you're happy, although it might sound peculiar.
I hope you're happy, I really do.
I hope you feel as though you have found a missing link.
Everything you want and need lies within her.
She makes you complete.
And when you look at her you see the moon and the stars personified.
I hope you are not only convinced but assured that she is the one, the only one, your other self.
You can't imagine a life spent with anyone else and without her you simply cannot be.
I hope you are sincerly, unapologetically, wildy happy.

I hope these things because when your world comes crashing down and it will, you will break only that much harder.
When she tears out your still-beating heart
and she will, you will feel a searing pain like no other.
You will be exactly as you left me, like a Mayan sacrifice with a gaping hole in your chest.
It is then I will have my vengeance.

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The pen and the song.Pray tell, let not be wrong.