Freedom Of Expression

What some so casually name
'bad writing'
Could yet lay claim
To the title:
Good poetry.

With unenslaved words
Birth is given to
Freedom of expression,
The criteria it may lack
Is replaced with deep meaning,
Brave enough to explore
The depths, dangers and delights
Of simply being.
No shallow cliches.
No axes to grind.
Just flowing with the ache of desire
For lifes Love to find.

Ontic words mystically spoken
Salve for the soul broken,
The cry of the spirit
To dance with wild words,
With no stiff logic to stifle
Visions of free flying birds,
Just a serenade of thought
Love so freely flowing
Without need to be sold, or bought.

Articulative autonomy of speech
Allows the depth
Of great dreams to be reached,
For it takes lyrical liberty
To bring metaphor alive
In such descriptive delight as:
Dancing barefoot across the oceans flow
While gazing at shimmering stars
Swimming in the glossy depths below.

Only in a liberation of language
Can one acutely describe
The aura of where
Tree tops and rainbows collide,
Scattering colors to the wind.......
Only there, by way of poetry
Can be heard the sublime messages
Creation, to us, does gently send.

Unconstrained communication
When allowed a visceral voice
Speaks of
Meanings without time;
Speaks to
The thirsty souls of mankind;
Speaks for
The Love that binds.

- Yes - it could truly be classified:
' bad writing '... by some,
But, still
Its beauty lies within
Freedom of expression;
And, therefore,
It is indeed good.......
And, it is poetry.

by Smoky Hoss

Comments (1)

You are now writing some deep stuff Smokey a very well written and excellent poem. There are quite a few exceptions to this though, but I will not go into that, you are correct, Freedom Of Expression. A ten.