Freedom Of Solitude

I sat in the stillness of night
Feeling quite inwardly
Hearing the tremendous voice of silence
Connecting with the soul and heart
To design the self, learning to
The level the bumps, cementing
The cleaveages and cracks
To keep going the flow without blocks
What to to reap.....
Relentlessly repairing the damages
Never to die just for reputation
But standing alone, deeply involved
Years matured the solitude, a gifted companion
Holidaying with the soul, to love thee...

by v.m.saraswathy munuswamy

Comments (2)

Hope! ! To keep going on. Nice work.
A time when one is enjoys his or her solitude is really blissful. It works wonders like a true friend: cementing.... The cleaveages and cracks.... Relentlessly repairing the damages