Freedom Of Speech

A freedom of speech...
Is generally upheld by those,
Who are not offended or opposed...
To either printed or expressed content.
And always they are in control of the editing,
Of others they refuse an equal point of view.

To say that one has a freedom of speech...
Is governed by those who create such laws.
In a democracy that has its flaws.
And excuse what they do to undermine others...
Who do not control the medium used,
That extends such 'freedoms'...
To those affected by the abuse of degradations.

Or can affect public opinion!
Nor manifest a protest in defense,
By character assassination...
Defamation and its effectiveness!

And those who protect such expressions...
As freedoms they select,
Are the ones who do their best...
To address what they do by means of indirectness.
Or through an accepted comedic ignorance,
Vocalized by an apologetic edit.
But the image remains just as blemished.

Even though a language preferred,
Has a high degree of illiteracy!
But a picture,
Paints more than just words to unnerve.
And in the doing...
What laws are broken,
If no one is screwing?

And what would be those limits...
To pictorials recreating despicable images!
If they reflect a society demented.
And on a decline that is being documented.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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