Any Offers

I am in need of a bookcase that I could call my own
one that I could go to when I was all alone.
Just to read a book that could be easly displayed
one that was a best seller and had reached top grade.
In my bookcase I would display rare books, to me
it woulden't matter if they were leather bound or had
shabby looks. My bookcase would be my own private
possesion where every day I would take a reading lesson.
In my bookcase I would shelve a vast amount of imformation
Just so it could help that student frustration. When it comes to
exams which is a hard task to take, if you have a good
bookshelve the pass mark is is well on the make. If I ownend a
bookcase like the one I have just mentioned I would have to
build a house with a twelve foot extention. A bookcase is not
enough to house the books that I own, so is there any one out
there that will give my books a good home.

by sylvia spencer

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