AS (20/04/1987 / )

Freedom Of The Lion

He walks forward
with his head held high
strong and courageous
belching his unchallenged roar
to dominate the air of his presence
cruising wild through the savanah
knowing he's top of the food chain
running freely on the grassy plain
no predator to fear
no concern too near
only the warm wind to hear
the lion runs free

a king of the beasts
all year long
wearing his crown
his mane
hiding his cat-like frown
showing no pain
ruling with a swift paw
sharpening his daggered claws
on the dry bone he's just gnawed
the lion sleeps free

the drums roll and thump
courageous and strong
as he walks
and engulfs all the surrounding sounds
with his pulsing heartbeat
that steals the attention of all that breathes
no sheer cold nor blazing heat
could hinder those amazing feet
as the mighty lion draws near
he leaves the living hiding in fear
and the awesome lion runs free

by Allen Steble

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