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Freedom's Journey

Freedom's abode was where sun rose.
Her desirous eyes saw where sun goes.
Rumours were unremittingly echoed;
That sun's path leads to lavish abode.

Freedom decided to follow the sun.
Leaving kinship behind resolved to run.
Duping father, brother, husband and kins;
She bartered her veil for strong wings.

Freedom left her culture with no regrets.
She reached the place where sunsets.
Exchanged some clothes with new culture.
Rest lifted in the name of art by vultures.

Now she started finding new husband.
Sadly available were only Boyfriends.
Property bemocked her and ran away.
Morality bled and outstreched it lay.

Freedom now looks with longing eyes;
Place which she left, where sun rise.
Now her mistake she knows and attests.
In the Middle of East was abode to rest.

Disappeared all enthusiasm and zest.
Naked Freedom is lost in streets of west.
Within broken societies now she roams;
Where there are houses but no homes.

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