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Freedom's Theme
JG James Grengs (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

Freedom's Theme

What is the theme of freedom?
Is this so?
Can freedom be these,
Our best,
The good things in life?

Or is freedom more?
Is freedom the blood with which it is bought?
Is freedom the evils which our men have suffered
To bring it to us?

Freedom's theme,
Sung through the ages,
Is sacrifice,
And pain,
For happiness dearly bought.

Freedom's theme
Is a hymn of praise
To the God who smiled on us,
And gave us America.

Freedom's theme
Is life, earned by death.
It is love, in power,
Spurned by the hate of the centuries.
It is contentment, with the shouts of thanksgiving,
For all God has blessed us with.

Freedom's theme-
Praise, joy, love,
Should be the song on our tongues always:
Thanksgiving to God for this privilege,
Dearly bought.

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Comments (3)

Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Now that you have it James, what will you do with it? Your poem is spiritual and thought provoking, causing one to examine core values and beliefs which leads one to a place via transportation that only you can provide. Well done!
Very good James! I'm so proud of you for getting 'it'!