Freedom To Be Stressed

More seem to be coming less upset.
Knowing their invested interests,
Has returned limited happiness.
Many who have earned degrees,
In various fields with efforts endeavored.
Have awakened to discover,
Indebted they've become...
To an array of weeds.
Smothering dreams.
That seem deferred forever.
Yet in abundance,
As far as open eyes can see.
They have a freedom to be stressed.
With it theirs for them to keep.
And hopes of being released,
From complete despair.
Those of kept faith gather to protest,
A removal of promises,
They get more to delude.
Would at least include some reality.
To enable them to accept it.
Or decide for themselves...
Whether or not their lives,
Would be better lived...
If the option was there for them to choose,
Using common sense.
With it known to be less expensive.
Cost effective.
Leaving a choice to accept.
Or refuse their freedom to remain stressed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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With investment less return of happiness is seen during stressed condition. You have amazingly brought up your perception about stress i this amazing and brilliant poem....10